17 August 2011

oh hey!

so maybe you've noticed something new around here?  yeah?

i'm not one to point out everything on my blog that changes, but this is different.  this is important.

a few weeks ago, the YSAs (young single adults) in our stake (that is, in the tempe/west mesa area) were asked to fill out a mormon.org profile.  from these profiles, people who are not LDS (latter-day saints, or, mormons) can read about people who are LDS and learn about the church in a more personable way.  and hopefully, those non-LDS folks can gain a better, clearer understanding of what those LDS folks believe and do every sunday.  because let's face it, there's a lot to be said about us out there, and a lot of it only confuses people.

so that button on the right above my blogger profile will take you to my mormon.org profile, and you can read my contribution if you want!  it's small for right now, and my "personal story" that's there right now is partially re-hashed from things i've said here on the blog before - so it's not like i'm going to lay out anything huge on you if you visit.

so yeah, take a gander and explore profiles if you've always wanted to ask me a question but for some reason were too afraid to ask me in person.  but really, ask me in person... i'm not scary.

and if you're LDS and you haven't made one of these yet... why on earth not?  do it.  do it now!

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