20 August 2011

a lesson on adoption and some exciting news!!

before angelina jolie practically made it a sport, i wanted to adopt cute international babies.  as to whether or not that's actually going to happen is something i don't need to decide for a while, but here are some interesting things i've recently learned about adoption (mostly through a recent episode of freakonomics).

in thirty years (from 1971 to 2001) the united states adopted most of its children from asia - around 150,000.  we adopted the second-highest number of children from europe - around 50,000.  of these international adoptees, two-thirds of them are girls.  this is largely due to the fact that many asian regions hold traditions involving son preference.

in 2001, the top five countries to adopt children from were:

1. china
2. russia
3. south korea
4. guatemala
5. ukraine

okay so from my podcast, this is what i learned.  japan has a tradition of adopting "outsiders" into their families for the purposes of keeping the family name with the family-owned business.  situations that would require adoption for this?  well, one is the obvious reason - that there is no male heir.  but did you know that families will adopt a male heir even if they already have one?  if that blood heir is decided to be incapable or unfit to continue on the family business, families will adopt a new son to make up for that lack.  and when i'm talking incapable and unfit, i'm not just talking about disabilities or anything like that.  this includes the lazy, deadbeat sons, too.  families can just... replace them!

maybe this doesn't shock you as much as it did me, but just wait.  here comes the kicker:

so, i wrote that japan adopts "outsiders."  japan has one of the highest adoption rates in the world, and they are probably only second to the united states.  but there's a key difference between the two nations.  in the united states, those adoptees are babies.

in japan, about 98% of those adoptees are males between the ages of 25-30 years.

am i the only one who finds this mind-blowing?  family-owned businesses in japan are basically buying out the smartest, best businessmen!  crazy!!

anyway, on to exciting news.

i've gone and done a little adopting myself recently.  as in, this morning.  it was kind of a i'm-dead-tired-so-i-could-potentially-do-everything-stupid-right-now thing.

folks, i've adopted a word.

that's right, a word.

specifically, this word:


it's an adjective, meaning "affectionate or doting."
if you would like to adopt a rare word, one that is hardly ever used, in an attempt to save it from being lost forever, you should check out this website.  you can adopt as many as you'd like, and even get a t-shirt with your word on it.

you think this is weird?  i don't.  people adopt highways and roads all the time.  and apparently, grown men.  i take no issue adopting a word that no one knows.  maybe you shouldn't either.


  1. For a second I thought you got a puppy. But this is good too.

  2. yeeeah... kind of anitclimactic, huh? i totally wish it was a puppy!!