17 August 2011

it's that time of year again...


i'm not talking about wishing arizona had a real fall season.

i'm not talking about promising i'll do the reading for each of my classes before we discuss them in class.

i'm not talking about being excited for new classes even though i know in a month i'll be over them.


i'm talkin' 'bout scholarship disbursement season, baby.  and even though i totally thought it wouldn't come this year for me, it did.  and i am so relieved and grateful, it's unbelievable.

but, it's just as much a terrible thing as it is a good one.  because even though it takes the burden off having to work a ton of hours and keep good academic standing at the same time, it also hangs over me so heavily i can't forget that it's there.

when october comes, i kind of do this thing where i use this one particular day as an excuse to be nice to myself and buy things that i wouldn't ever do normally.  last year was killer - after buying all of the furniture and appliances in my house, i decided it would be a good time to buy a bike.  an expensive one.

granted, i've loved it to death this last year and i'm so glad i did buy it, but still.  money's money.

i'm hoping this year i decide to treat myself well with smaller, more practical things.

i mean, as much as i would love a kitchenaid...
or a sewing machine...
or an ipad...

i hope one day i'm driving around and think to myself,

i'm going to grab a soda...
or some frozen yogurt...
or a haircut.
you know, because i've been such a good girl, and i deserve these kinds of things every once in a while.

with that mindset, spoiling myself beyond control would be buying a book.  a hardback one.

.  while we can still talk about bikes...

are you up for spoiling yourself?  then get a bike.  right here.  if you want custom colors, these guys will do it, they are super rad and nice.  and if you live in tempe/mesa, you're in luck - because that's where they're based, and you can get your bike so much faster if you pick it up yourself at their warehouse.  they've also got other bike accessories if you've already got a frame+fork set you already like, and they've got clothing, too.

unfortunately for you, you cannot have the model i've got, as it was recently retired.  mine was named "samurai," and even though i'm not in the habit of naming inanimate objects as i've seen in recent years, i definitely refer to my bike as a "he" and sometimes when i'm cleaning him i call him sammy...

he got quite a bit roughed up on the road trip, so i've been giving him a lot of lovin' the past few weeks.  but he's all tuned up now and ready for the new semester!  :)

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