11 August 2011

i'm willing to bribe people to get them to write?

sooooo, i'm totally in a committed relationship with words.  i love them.  and a wizard much wiser and cooler than me once said:

Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.  Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.  

and so, when i was frolicking happily through powell's in portland last month, i had to buy these:

magnetic poetry!  instead of buying the big, original pack for a lot of money, i just bought two, mini, themed packs.  when i put them up on the fridge, i did so by what size they are.  and then i thought, really?  you're an english major.  arrange them into parts of speech!  so i started to, but then it got kind of hard with the words that crossed over categories and if they can be more than one part of speech.  so i stopped.

now when you come to my house you can write me poems or leave me little inspirational notes about "love" and "peace" on my fridge, and then i'll do something nice back, like feed you.

seriously, i will.  give me a sentence, i'll give you a cookie.  give me a haiku, i'll make you a super delicious sandwich.

and if you can write something using every single one of the words?

well shoot, i will cook you a feast.

hold me to it.  you won't be disappointed, and neither will i.

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