15 August 2011

if at first you don't succeed, it's probably because you drowned them.

so, my first endeavor with plants did NOT go as expected.  it sounds a little ridiculous, but i was so incredibly heartbroken when my tomato plants died.  it seemed like they were growing so well all spring, and then one day BAM! they were all rotted and sad.  who knew plants could lead you on like that?

anyway, i wallowed for a couple of months, and then i bucked up and decided to try again.  but i downgraded a little, to basil and oregano.  i planted them on july fourth, and a few days later, i had these little sprouts!

and a few days later, my oregano plant had a cowlick!

and then right before i left for my trip, they looked like this:

i gave bekki super specific instructions on what to do with them because the last thing i wanted to do was come home and see dead plants.  and i didn't!  after eleven days, my basil looked like this:

and the oregano?  well, it looked a little like this:

just those two sprouts.  i call him my little runt.  i was kind of bummed.  actually, i was REALLY bummed.  and then i remembered that right before my mom left she told me that she'd watered my plants while i was at work one day.  at the time i panicked a little, because i had been spraying them, and i was afraid that watering them would drown them.  and for the oregano, it did.

but, i had some oregano seeds left over, and planted them a few days ago, so now my little runt is looking more like this:

and maybe i'm getting a little cocky, but i decided to grow the family a little bit.  so now my windowsill looks like this:

and hopefully in a few days i'll have some more oregano and cilantro and marigold sprouts growing!  :)

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