14 August 2011

i get nostalgic and sappy.

about a week ago, i took bekki for a tour of asu.  we waited until night because she's not totally into the heat, and i was feeling a little wimpy as far as heat goes.  i took her to some of my favorite places on campus, told her stories about crazy stuff i did freshman year and all that jazz.  and then, just when we were walking our walk back to the car, i saw that the gates to center were open.  and like a giddy schoolgirl i skipped across the street and into the complex i called home three years ago.

and i probably annoyed bekki to death when we walked through the area.  because every five seconds i was literally all, "oh look at that, i loved that!" and "oh, i used to do this with so-and-so here!" "my friend blah-blah-blah lived here, and this was my room, and there was this one time in this lounge..."  and then we went home and i perused through my pictures from my first year of college.  i was so incredibly nostalgic for the rest of the night, it was out of control.

this morning when i was driving to church and trying to make my way around the most ridiculous traffic from move-in EVER, i was thinking about how lucky i was that everything literally turned out so perfectly for me my first year of college, and how that first year is so much of the reason why i'm still here and at the best point of my life right now.

and even though we're all at different points in our lives now, we don't see each other as much now, some of us aren't even friends anymore...  the point is that we learned and grew together at one of the most important times in our lives to do such learning and growing together.  and for that, i'm so grateful to the amazing people who made hayden west as awesome as it was.  :)

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