08 August 2011

houston, we have a problem.

so, remember when i was all, "yeah taking credit for the diamondbacks' success if they win every time i work!"??

i've worked three regular season games so far (cleveland indians, la dodgers, houston astros).  and each time they've lost.

the only consolation here is that san francisco keeps losing too, so the dbacks are still totally in the running for snagging a wildcard spot in the postseason.  i'm less adamant on the dbacks making the postseason than i am on the giants NOT making the postseason (i'm still sore after last year's nl championship turnout).  if the giants do make it, though, i'll be down for another bench-clearing showdown on the field with the phillies, and that time, i'd like to see one of the giants suspended for no good reason.  payback, please.

anyway (now that i've vented a little),

tonight at work i had the awful task of being door greeter for the evening.  the awful part was that i had to do it with a dbacks rattler novelty item.  basically, it's a noisemaker that's supposed to imitate the sound of a rattlesnake.  and after shaking it for six hours, it's the most annoying thing ever.

on top of that, i kept getting razzed by the guys working in the hot dog stand next to me.  they weren't too bad - i mostly joked around with them during the night during downtimes, and they were super nice.

the real killer of the night was mark grace.

so, if you've ever been to a dbacks game before, you've seen the strange thing that is the dbacks legends race.  it's four guys in costume, dressed up as ten-foot men with bobble-head-type attachments.  during the game they do this silly race as a type of promotion, and today before the game they were up on the concourse taking pictures with fans right in front of the entrance of the store.

the person dressed up as mark grace, however, thought it would be funny to mimic everything i was doing instead of taking pictures with people.  and the best way to carry out this task?  in front of all of the fans taking pictures, of course.  hands down, one of the most embarrassing ten minute segments of my life.  all of these strangers were staring at me doing my job, and all of the sudden saying "hi, welcome to the team shop" sounded really stupid in front of fifty people.

but, it's looking like i won't be having to deal with that for very long!  i'm thinking that this saturday is going to be my last day working there.  it's kind of sad, because i really do enjoy this job most of the time, and if i wasn't in school full time i'd probably stick with it for a little while.

but the part of the point of life is that we make good and bad memories to learn and grow from them, and i feel like that's what i've done here.  now, if i can get the good memories outweigh the bad memories of the job i have to keep, i'll be satisfied.

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