31 August 2011

first writing block of the semester.

tomorrow i have to turn in a "mini-novel" for my creative writing class.

the assignment is to come up with a synopsis of a novel, and then write a two to three page scene from that novel.  also, it has to be an imitation of the book that we just read in class.

i actually love the idea of these assignments and the fact that we get to do them all semester.

however, i'm hating the fact that this week, we need to imitate madame bovary.

i'll be honest, i half-read madame bovary.  i gave the first one hundred pages my best effort, but ultimately the book's "heroine" really put me off and it was too much of a chore to continue.  i don't think reading should be a chore.  or painful.

and now, i find myself in the position where i need to come up with an idea for a book about a dissatisfied housewife - an archetype which i find i have the least amount of tolerance for.  and since this must be done, i want it to be as original as possible.  none of this betrothed-marriage-no-will-of-my-own-now-i-hate-my-life stuff.

i'm a picky writer, and i think that's the worst kind of picky to be.  if you're a picky reader, you'll still find other things to read.  if you're a picky eater, you're still going to find things to eat - you aren't going to starve yourself.

but as a picky writer, it's entirely possible to just stop writing altogether until you finally find something you're excited to write about.  and that could take forever.

is there such a thing as writer's bootcamp?  i think i need to check myself into one.

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