09 August 2011

days nine and ten: yosemite; and, in light of recent events, we do some dumb things.

i can't remember what time we woke up on the morning that we were in crater lake, but i remember it was hard.  my sleeping bag was warm, and the idea of getting out of it was not fun.  a part of me wanted to just wear it while we packed up the car and then keep it on in the car, but i had to drive and that probably wouldn't have been a good idea.  besides, i've never been in a potato sack race before, and i probably wouldn't be very good at it.

driving out of oregon was kind of sad since the oregon part of our trip was so great for us.  but, sam and i were super stoked to get to yosemite (diana was less enthusiastic).  quick note: we took a small pit stop at a grocery store in weed, california.  we bought some items for dinner later that night, and changed our clothes... and maybe diana bathed herself via wet ones in the bathroom.

after ten hours of driving, we got to our campsite in yosemite.  sam and i built this awesome fire, we had hot dogs for dinner, and partook in some fireside chatting while diana talked to her wonderful in the car.  the best part was that the sky was really clear and we could see the stars!  you can bet on the fact that we definitely pulled out some lion king quotes that night.  they're fireflies.  fireflies that uh... got stuck up on that big bluish black thing.

when we woke up, we played.  all day.

basically, when we were in the car every five minutes someone would say something like oh.my.word. or this.is.beautiful. or can.i.live.here.

our two main attractions of the day were our hike up to vernal fall and glacier point.

the hike was my favorite.  we got to take in views like this:

and this:

and take pictures like these:

so, there's something about this picture (with the three of us and the rainbow) you need to know.

prior to, and all throughout the hike, there were signs posted about three missing people who had gone over a waterfall.  basically, it was a sign saying don't be stupid or try anything dumb, or else you could die.

we mostly listened.

sam thought it would be a good idea to venture to this spot just off the path the take a picture.  just moments prior she had been chastising a group of people who had done the same thing, but it was different this time.  if you're interested, this is what this spot looks like without us in it:

um, freaky.

for the record, i was not okay with this.  in fact, i was mildly freaked out, for many reasons.  one, that the parentals would learn this story and kill me themselves (they'd warned me repeatedly about the deaths at yosemite).  two, that i would all of the sudden forget how to walk and i'd trip and fall and die.  three, that sam and/or diana would forget how to walk and they'd trip and fall and die, and then i'd be by myself with two dead friends, unable to enjoy a really awesome vacation.

the good news is that none of this happened (although, the first one is definitely still a possibility).  but if i'm being totally honest with myself, i had my share of dumb moments here, too.

this is merced river.  pretty right?  this is where we hung out for a while. we ate some food, took pictures, and gaped at how beautiful the area was.

well, this is also merced river:

and pretty soon it turns into this:

which leads to that:

those three people from those signs earlier?  this is the river they got swept up in, which led to the waterfall, which led to their deaths.

but in spite of that knowledge, weslashi did stuff like this:

we could probably get into a fierce battle of words, where you yell things like how could you be so stupid or does death mean anything to you, and i defend myself by saying things like it really wasn't as bad as it looks or but i didn't die so it's okay, slash, what's the big deal about dying, slash, if i die in yosemite i'm kind of cool with that...

regardless, we were happy and enjoyed ourselves.

side note, we hiked back down and one of the craziest things happened.  i saw one of the families from my stake back home in pa!  i first noticed one of the kids, because she was one of my first-years when i was a leader at girls' camp last summer.  her dad is in the stake presidency and i've heard him speak many times.  i only barely know the family because they moved into the stake right after i left to come to school, but it was so nice to see them!

anyway, after our hike we drove up to glacier point.  it was kind of scary if you looked down too far, but definitely worth the drive up.  the views were fantastic!

after this, we decided to drive to the place where we were supposed to camp for the night.  but before we got there, i conveniently drove an hour in the wrong direction.  i was mostly annoyed, but we decided that if there was anywhere in the world where it would be okay to do this, yosemite would be the place because it's not a pain to backtrack in such a gorgeous location.

oh, and since it was too cold in crater lake to wear short sleeves, we hadn't looked at my bruises in a couple of days, and we were kind of excited to see how they had progressed.  we weren't disappointed.

also, duct tape.  there were a lot of mosquitoes, so there was a lot of duct tape over bites to prevent scratching.


  1. your cam takes really good pictures!!! is there some sort of secret i dont know about duct tape and mosquito bites?

  2. haha, thanks! the pictures with people in it weren't taken by me... but the pictures i did take were with my phone! i was totally shocked and impressed.

    and there's no secret, it was just the only way i could think of to keep myself from scratching!