01 August 2011

day six: falling; into love, into a black hole of stuff, into giant trucks.

day trip to portland!  diana, kevin, sam, and i left corvallis in the morning and our first stop in portland was voodoo doughnut.  i'm not a huge donut/doughnut person, but it was kind of a crazy experience to wait in line with everyone and get a little excited about it.  across the street from the store was this parking lot with this simple request:

after that, sam and i took our bikes around the pearl district.  we rode around for a while and then we made our way to the saturday market, a place where people sell their wares and various yummy foods.  there was one instance where i was walking around and this guy at one tent was all, "i make bike jewelry!"  and i thought "i ride bikes!" so i stopped and got myself a sweet bracelet made from a bike chain.

there were also various performers around the block, including this guy:

and these folks, who were an absolute joy to watch perform together.

that girl on the left?  do you see what she's doing?  she's hitting those wooden pipes with flip flops.  probably one of the most intriguing things i've ever seen.

and then, the mother of all portland destinations (as far as i'm concerned).

this is powell's city of books.  it's (one of?) the largest independent new and used bookstore IN THE WORLD.  it takes up an entire city block - one city block of heaven.  if i didn't think temple marriage was the most important thing ever, i would get married here.

seriously, being here was the best part of my day.  it's kind of silly, really.  it's not like it's wholly different from any other bookstore.  but this is a place that i had wanted to go to for years, and being able to spend a day here was basically a dream come true.

and apparently, sam's dreams came true here, too.  i was sitting with diana and kevin and diana asked me how many books i thought sam would come back with.  she modestly guessed three.  i guessed twenty.


anyway, the three of them left for punch bowl falls and i stayed in portland and had the day to play by myself.  i mostly stayed at the bookstore, but i also biked around the city a little more and spent some time at jamison square park.  there's a fountain there that kids and their parents were playing in together.  it was a really strange thing to see, but it was also kind of cool.

later at night, everyone came back from their hike and we had dinner at noodles and company, a restaurant that conveniently does NOT have a location in arizona.  we were thoroughly bummed at this news.

it was at this location i learned that diana and kevin were officially engaged!  apparently my face was something comical when i realized this was the case.  i guess they were playing some kind of game to see how long it would take me to notice diana's ring.  it took a while, sometimes i don't notice things.

speaking of which...

earlier in the day when i was riding my bike around town, i definitely lost control and ate it in the street.  luckily, there was an obnoxiously huge pickup truck parked on the side of the road to catch me by the arm.  i got a little road rash on one of my knees, i could feel the tremors in my other leg and in my arm, and i knew that in a couple of days i'd have some pretty sweet bruises to show for my looking ahead instead of at the ground while riding.  i was both right and wrong.  right about the pretty sweet bruises, wrong about the "couple of days."

a few hours later back in corvallis, we were getting ready for bed and i noticed some purplish color going on with my arm and my legs.  i was mildly shocked at how fast i'd started bruising, and sam was slightly mortified.  but not enough to decide that she wasn't going to take pictures and chronicle the progression of my injuries over the rest of the trip.  the arm is the most impressive, and the bruised leg mostly just skipped to the nasty yellow stage, so i guess i'll just show what arm pictures i've got as the days go by.

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  1. I LOVE NOODLES AND COMPANY. They have them in Utah & Colorado and I miss them so much in AZ.