09 August 2011

day eleven: and don't forget, we know the way back home.

for me, there were mixed feelings about the drive home.  on the one hand, i didn't want to come home - i wanted to stay and play for the rest of the summer.  on the other hand, i really wanted to come home.  at that point, we hadn't showered since that monday (unless you count getting sprayed by the waterfall in yosemite and dunking your head into the river), and i really wanted to be clean.

i also love that feeling of coming home after a long time of being away.  you love all of your stuff, from your bed down to the little things, like post-it notes and mouthwash.

i got the last driving shift, from indio to phoenix.  according to google maps, the drive should take about four hours and fifteen minutes.  i did it in about three hours.

i really wanted to be at home.

hands down, my favorite part about driving home was knowing for sure that i was in arizona.  after we crossed the state line, the sun started to set and we were ushered in by the most gorgeous arizona sunset i have ever seen via rear-view mirrors in.my.life.

it made me reflect on my most repeated sentiments concerning the trip.  all throughout the ten-ish days i kept thinking and saying, this is so beautiful/pretty/gorgeous!  and i think, to some extent, i said it with the feeling that i couldn't find that beauty at home.  which is moderately true, i can't find brilliant green forests or sparkling blue waters here so much.  but i've always found the deserts of arizona to be incredibly beautiful.  it's not just one brown color - there are reds, oranges, and all kinds of colors in the desert.  all of the cacti are magnificent, and the sunsets are unmatched (thank you, dust storms).

and so, we finished our trip with the same thoughts we'd carried with us throughout the entire trip.  home was good.  home was beautiful.  and we arrived there with some of the best experiences of our lives under our belts.

the trip is over, but two more posts of this serial left!

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