03 August 2011

day eight: hello gorgeous.

on this day we made our way to crater lake.  the drive wasn't going to be very long, and we stopped for lunch near crescent lake.  it was so pretty there, and the cooler weather was so nice!  being there reminded me of the fall season, which is one of the only things i miss about the east coast.

and then we finally made it to the national park!  my thoughts on crater lake can be summed up in three words:  i.love.it.  honestly, it's one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to.

we first stopped at this one lookout location near wizard island.  the water is so incredibly blue, way prettier than any beach my family stopped at in the caribbean last summer (mother goose claims we weren't at the pretty side of the caribbean to begin with, but whatever).  i really wanted to take a picture near this tree that was sticking out of the cliff near one of the lookouts, but there were signs to not go out and i'm a sign follower when it comes to dangerous stuff like that, so i didn't go.

behind us, on the other side of the lookout was this:

i actually dislike snow, but it was crazy to see real snow in july!  the winter season just barely ended at crater lake, and the place gets an average of 44 feet of snow in a year.  i think it was sam (because i don't think it could be diana) who suggested that we should have a snowball fight, and i wanted to make a snow angel just for the sake of doing it.  sadly we didn't.

from here we went to the cleetwood cove trail, the only way you can get down to the edge of the lake.  it was on this mini hike i hugged another tree that was so cool:

being by the lakeside was so nice.  the views were awesome, and the wind was blowing perfectly.  there were some people jumping off the rocks into the water and playing in the lake, and i really wanted to jump off too, but i left my swimsuit in the car.  slash, i was super intimidated by how cold i imagined the water to be.

when we were finished playing, we went to the campground, picked a campsite that had the least amount of snow in it, enjoyed dinner and dessert together, and layered up for one of the coldest night's sleep of our lives.

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