01 August 2011

conflicting boos.

boo-hoo:  five a.m. wakeup call, back to work.  ew.
boo-ya:  both supervisors are on vacation this week.  can i get a yeeeeeeeah!??

boo-hoo:  having to fill up an empty gas tank.
boo-ya:  gas prices in the 3.20s after two weeks in the 3.70s+?  don't mind if i do.

boo-hoo:  it's already august.  summer is almost gone, school is almost here.
boo-ya:  um, we're that much closer to cooler temperatures (i had to stretch for that one)?

boo-hoo:  kings of leon cancelled the rest of their us tour, and i can no longer look forward to picnicking on the lawn at their show in september.
boo-ya:  a little more money in my pocket, and i've probably secured whatever's left of my innocence for a little while longer.


going back to work after two weeks of playing is not fun.  i almost wanted to talk about how this monday is absolutely terrible, but there were two things that bugged me about considering that.

the first is that this particular monday (which is okay) can't fairly go up against the past couple of mondays (which were awesome).  gotta cut today some slack.

the second is that i'm not a wholly negative or pessimistic person.

but regardless of whether or not i'm being optimistic or not, things are pretty sad on the music front.  i was talking to one of my co-workers today about making plans for the kol concert one second, and literally five minutes later we found out that the shows were cancelled.  i was bummed on the whole afternoon, for sure.

if you're as sad as i am, here are are my attempts at musical distractions.  good luck:

i discovered this band last week when i was in portland (that link goes to their latest album).  i'm not sure what i think of them yet, but i'm unsurprisingly attracted to the song "let's go ride bikes."  listen to it.

two weeks ago, mutemath debuted the video for the first single off of their new album that comes out in october.  it's awesome, but the mannequins definitely freak me out a little.

ALSO!  my friend shane from my ward just posted a new song on the internet last night, and it is so good!  he has a great sound, and tonight for fhe he played for us a little bit.  i was talking to him and he told me that he just booked a show in new york... this guy is totally legit!

Julianne by Ether Teeth

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