12 August 2011

chill friday night, slash, i'm a bad person.

i have a feeling that this is going to be my last opportunity for a chill friday night for a while.  so i'm spending it eating congee+pork sung, drinking some hot toddy, listening to some of my favorite chill tunes, and trying to get my writing on.

have you ever felt sick and/or just plain blah?  sometimes i just don't have any energy to do anything, and it's kind of a bummer.  moreso in the summer, i think, just because it's hot, too.  anyway, when i feel blah, i make some hot toddy!  it always makes me feel better, and it's even better in the fall/winter when it's more chilly outside, but it's still just peachy right now.  my version is a non-alcoholic one, and it's very soothing and yummy.  all you do is mix:

1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup hot water                                       easy!

in a few hours i need to pick up kylie and my dad from the airport.  kylie's picking up her stuff she brought last april and taking it back up to utah in a couple of days.  i'm reeeeeeeally excited to see her, and kind of for a bad reason.

so, i'm really a bad person when it comes to keeping in touch with people.  i think in high school i conditioned myself to be able to let go easily when people leave.   so i don't manage to get really torn up when i find myself in the "goodbye situation" and all of a sudden there's this long-distance thing between me and other people.  if i do call/text/communicateinsomeway with you semi-regularly and we don't live in the same town, it's because you're a member of my immediately family, you're one of my best friends, i find myself in the unfortunate situation in which i am attracted to you, or you call me.

this summer, kylie hasn't fallen into any of these categories.  i literally haven't talked to her all summer, save for a few tiny text conversations.  usually i call her every (other) day at least, and right now i find myself super anxious and excited to see her tonight.

i'm also starving, thanks to her.  i didn't eat a lot for dinner, because last week when i was talking to my mom on the phone, kylie told me this:

when i fly in friday night, we HAVE to drive to in-n-out right after we leave the airport.  or, you can just bring some to me before you pick us up.

since i'm obviously going to drive us there after the airport, i'm obviously going to get something to eat there, too.  any place to eat that doesn't exist in pennsylvania or utah has become one of those places i hardly ever eat at unless someone from my family is in town.

which means tomorrow i will be making a trip up to sprinkles.  yeeeeeeah saturdayswithkylieintown.

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