15 July 2011

yeah, i'm going to talk about it. sorry.

i can trace certain habits or skills of mine directly to one instance, thing, or person in my life, and if i never came into contact with that instance, thing or person, my life would be very different.  for example:

1) a series of events in the the third grade are the reason why the rest of elementary school and middle school was so torturous, and why the rest of my life has been so great.
2) my literacy can be credited to the program sesame street.
3) i started listening to this one band because i was totally in love with this guy and he told me they were his favorite music group.  i haven't seen that guy in years, but i still listen to that band on a semi-regular basis and love their music.

and then, there's harry potter.

i have an embarrassing confession to make, and it is this: i absolutely was NOT a reader when i was younger.  i was really picky and didn't give good books a chance if i wasn't interested immediately.  but, harry potter made me read and love reading.  i don't know exactly why this is the case, but it is.  i'm not a crazy person who knows every arbitrary detail from every book and movie, and i've never wished that i could be a wizard and go to hogwarts or anything like that.

and even though movies offer things much different than what the hp books gave me it was still sad last night to leave the theater and feel like i had just watched the final two hours of my adolescence - that all i can really do now to relive my childhood is to remember and revisit those monuments as best i can and try my hardest to feel like it's all brand-new again.

sometimes it's difficult to go back and try to make everything the same as it was before.  sometimes you just stick with something you love for so long that you forget that you love it and it falls by the wayside.  or, sometimes once you know a thing, it becomes less exciting.  but even though i read the books and knew exactly how last night's movie was going to end, it was still exciting sitting during the previews and waiting for the movie to start.

and i think that's one of the best measures of how important or significant something was/is to us in our lives.  do i still get excited to read a story i've read a million times?  do i still wonder what it's going to taste like when i eat a cookie from the same recipe i've been using for years?  do i still find the anticipation to see someone unbearable even though i've always known and/or see that person on a regular basis?  if yes, then those things and people are still important to me, and they probably always will be.

would i want to relive the third grade?
would i willingly sit and watch sesame street for an hour today?
would i take a boy's incredible sense of style and his gorgeous green eyes and use them to justify listening to a band?  again?
probably not.

would i pick up a harry potter book and start reading it and not stop until i finished it?


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