07 July 2011

white people like white stuff.

things have kind of been dying on me lately.  my sad little phone just isn't cutting it anymore.  my favorite pair of sunglasses were half-destroyed at mighty mud mania a month ago (SLASH, someone is currently holding them hostage right now).  my mickey mouse watch that i got with cassie on our d-land trip a while back has passed away.  for each of these things i mourned for a lot longer than i usually mourn over material possessions.

and then, i decided that christmas would come in july this year.


give me a week, let me put on a white t-shirt and i'll show you some color coordinating like you've never seen before.

a few months ago, i was with diana and sam at their house, and we were planning our roadtrip for this month.  somehow we ended up talking about stuff white people like, which is pretty much one of diana's favorite things ever.  i was reading through the list on the blog and laughing at some of the things that are mentioned.  after getting halfway through the list, i remember thinking aloud this is stuff hipsters like.  and shortly after, this is stuff i like.  diana and sam promptly laughed and made fun of me.

i don't like all of the things on the list, but a decent handful of the items listed i have at least some preference for.  and i can laugh at myself for liking certain things the blog mentions (ray-ban wayfarers, expensive sandwiches, the sunday new york times) but that doesn't mean i don't have excuses for liking each of them (they're classic staples and everyone in pretty in pink wore them, they taste good, it has the arts section and the book review and everything else the weekday editions don't have).  i will admit that there are a few things i genuinely enjoy on the list and i'm a little frustrated i'm condemned as a hipster/white person for liking them (21, 44, 61, 99) but what can you do?

i'm not a fan of hipsters, most people know that about me.  but my friends (diana especially) have the uncanny ability to notify me of when i do or say something that is even remotely hipster-ish.  diana thinks that once we reach portland on our trip this month, i'm going to just run away to stay there and live happily ever after amongst the hipsters, which i won't.  i told her that portland was a place i wanted to move to one day, but since it's recently gotten super popular and been attracting a lot of attention i've changed my mind.  to which she replied, what a hipster-like notion to have, to dislike something once it becomes popular!

i think i'm losing this game.

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