06 July 2011

when it rains, it pours... or something like that.

so last night was kind of exciting, i guess.  maybe freak dust storms aren't really that exciting, but when it's relatively light outside one second and then pitch black the next and people in your house are freaking out and getting into things, it's hard not to at least look out the window to see what's going on.  when the initial craziness died down and the air was only a little bit dusty outside, things were back to normal.

then my dad said something along the lines of, kristin, your car is going to be a mess tomorrow morning when you leave for work.  and i realized he was right:

when i got into my car this morning, there was a layer of dust on EVERYTHING.  and when people at work were talking about it and complaining about needing to wash the outside of their car, i complained about having to wash the inside AND outside of my car.

all in all, i think strange natural occurrences like this dust storm are a little unnerving when they happen, but really awesome to look at in pictures when it's over.  the pictures that show the wall of dirt overtaking phoenix remind me of this one time i had class downtown last fall.  a bunch of us were just hanging out in the classroom before class started (because that's what all the cool kids do) and when we looked out the window we saw this gray, cloudy mass rapidly permeating through the air.  if pictures were in the dictionary and "ominous cloud" was its own entry, what we saw would be paired with that phrase in the book.  it was one of the most amazing yet terrifying things we had ever seen in our lives, and it happened so fast, just like last night.  one minute it was normal outside, and we watched as seconds later, it was dark and stormy and birds were being whipped around in the air.

i love that these things seem to happen in az only.

weather-related phenomena are interesting things to think about.  as long as your in the safety of some kind of stable structure and can enjoy the pictures afterwards, they don't seem as bad as they really are.  ignorance is bliss.

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