03 July 2011

now i remember why solitude was such a glorious thing.

this is what happens when you put him in front of a camera and he asks you to pretend that you're scared.

the boys came in town yesterday, and it was sure good to see them again.  except i was freaked out when i let them in the door and i discovered that brigham is basically a head taller than he was six months ago.  when he stands on his tippy-toes he's taller than me, and that was reason enough for him to call me shorty.

now, five of the six hoodlums are here and it's really overwhelming.  i feel weird being all, my house, my rules and you're my guests! with them when it's technically not my house...  but the place is a disaster, it's not quiet anymore, and it's strange to hear people complain about how hot it is every.five.minutes.  i'm kind of going crazy already.

it should be interesting when taylor comes back from home on tuesday... poor thing, she'll probably run away screaming.

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