01 July 2011

...they leave me breathless.

i have something to say about this song+video combination.  i love it.

i consider myself to be pretty responsive to music and art and things of the like, but it's not often that i come across works that imprint so strongly into my mind and soul that i feel i'm going to go crazy.

i don't know what it is, but i just think this music video is amazing.  i mean, the song alone is fantastic.  adele's voice is so powerful, and i love tracks that are percussion dominated.  but the music and the images together are aesthetically arresting, and i'm afraid to blink when i watch it because i'll miss something.

i'm not trying to be pretentious and be all, this is art; the broken dishes are the shattered remains of her soul, and the crinkled white background represents her worldview as it pertains to love.  i've been in art theory classes before and i hate it when people try to convince me that bird poop on a sidewalk is art.

but i think there's something here.  and if you could, try to keep an open mind and see if you could find it within yourself to understand what i'm saying, even to the least degree.

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