29 July 2011


so, i went on this trip.

and it was fantastic.

but halfway through, i kind of panicked.  because as glorious as the trip was, the thought of blogging about it was incredibly daunting and unappealing.  how can you pack eleven days of experiences into one blog post?  you can't.  so i won't.

i'll do it in thirteen posts.

i remember in high school when i was reading great expectations in english and my teacher was telling us how dickens published a lot of his works serially, including great expectations.  since then i've always held this romantic view of serial fiction in my mind and i wish that it was a more common thing today.

so i've decided to serially post the experiences i wish to share from this roadtrip with samantha and diana.  serial nonfiction, if you will.

a few warnings before you begin:

1.  i can only use the words beautiful, amazing, wonderful, awesome, etc. so many times before i get upset with myself for having a small and unoriginal vocabulary.  so if you see random words like, prepossessing and sublime, you can be assured that i broke rules and consulted a thesaurus for new-sounding words.

2.  in this series you may find adventure, drama, suspense, tragedy, and/or love - depending on how seriously you take my account of things.

3.  and perhaps the most important thing to remember throughout this series:
the three of us are still friends.

for your convenience there is a link in the tab under "special collections" at the top of the page that will direct you to the newest installment of the series, with the previous installments beneath it.  that link is also here.

so enjoy!  or don't, but hopefully for your sake you'll find this entertaining and/or interesting.

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