10 July 2011

procrastinator enabler.

i think that with being a writer you are also, to some extent, a procrastinator.  it just comes with the territory. sometimes i procrastinate and i find really interesting or cool things that make me happy or blow my mind and then i don't feel bad about not doing my work.  and since i'm in a sharing mood here are some links for you, should you feel the need to procrastinate in the near future.

a really hilarious article by joel stein, a writer for TIME magazine, about his dream for a "baby section" on airplanes.

pictures of an AMAZING house in japan that could do some serious battle with the beauty and the beast library.

i'm not really a wedding blog person, but i found these photos via this article of joe flacco's wedding this weekend in philly, and they are amazing!  i'm especially a fan of the photo where his wife and his buddies are in the football lineup.  and the movie theater shot is incredible!


a really great episode of this american life i listened to at work this week.  if you don't have a whole hour for the entire program, listen to the prologue (because it's funny) and act two (because it's sad) since they were my favorite parts.

news and hype about Google+ has made me kind of curious, and even though that time might not be coming soon, it's kind of exciting to wonder what life is going to be like when fbook isn't going to be a staple in our lives anymore.

a picture of an awesome porch setup from a tumblog that i absolutely love (don't judge me based on its title)

one of my favorite songs on kol's come around sundown is back down south, and one of my co-workers told me this week that there's a music video for it, which i didn't know!  this song makes my "country mouse self" ache.

and once you're in a good kol mood, get your pyro on and feel good for a few minutes.  bekki and i went to get yogurt earlier this week, and we were driving into the sunset towards rural road on rio salado parkway.  at the same time, a plane flew right over us down the windshield and this song was playing over it all.  i remember that moment struck me as being so perfect; so many different, random elements coming together at one point and making something simple really beautiful.  this song tied it all together.

azcentral photos of the dust storm from earlier this week.

and i know that i shared this yesterday, but it's definitely worth sharing a second time.  this culture pass program is totally awesome, and there are some really great places around the valley you can visit with someone for free!  i definitely want to try and get to the scottsdale contemporary museum of art and the botanical gardens, and hopefully they will add more locations by then (ahem, the MIM, anyone?)!

finally, one of my favorite articles ever by jeffrey r. holland.  i've been thinking about it a lot in the past two weeks or so, and i love the comforting message he gives.  yay for optimism and the knowledge that everything happens for a reason!

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