30 July 2011

day two: i hug some trees, and we play inside clouds.

we knew that our hike on this day was going to be an all day thing.  our plan was to drive to the ocean, drop off the bikes, drive back to the forest, hike to the ocean, and then bike back to the car to pick up diana.  total time required to carry out plans equalled eight hours.  the plan was to wake up early and be on our way by nine.

nine was precisely the time when sam woke up (her sleep schedule has been super crazy because of her new job with anasazi).  and since i'll be ready in like, twenty minutes really means i'll be ready in forty minutes to an hour when it comes to sam, it wasn't until ten that we were ready to go.  almost.

remember the night before when we had secured our bikes to the picnic table?  we did so with my cable lock and sam's cable lock.  since i keep my keys all together and with me at all times, i had no trouble unlocking my cable.  sam lost her key.  luckily, the thing about cable locks is that they are really easy to bust through if you have the right tools.  any bike thief and any bike owner who seriously loves their bike knows that all you need is a bolt cutter and a hack saw and the cable lock is useless.  after two hours of tearing the campsite and half the car apart, driving back and forth into town to borrow tools from the nice men at the mechanic shop, and being slightly frustrated, it's a little after noon and we finally start our hike.  hiking to the beach is no longer an option because of how late it is, so we just hike the loop.  it's the same distance as the hike to the beach, but we can save two hours by cutting out the bike plan.  since this is the main reason we needed to bring any bike in the first place, i'm mildly annoyed.

fortunately, the hike was beautiful.  the redwoods are breathtaking and they make me feel so small.  there was this one display at big basin hq that showed a tree's rings and how old it was - how it was around when muhammad was born and even way earlier than that.  we compared my wingspan to the width of the tree, and it was bigger than me.  on the hike, every time i saw trees with scorch marks on them i kept thinking about the lorax - i speak for the trees!  the truffula trees!  we also saw a lot of banana slugs on the trail, which made me really glad that i didn't like santa barbara after my college tour there (sorry mom and dad).  i guess they were kind of cool-looking, but they mostly freaked me out.

when the hike was over, we showered (something we were surprised to be able to do), and started our drive to san francisco.  this was another beautiful drive (which overtook the fear from sam's driving).  we were high up in the mountains, and we got to drive up over the clouds.  along the road there were tiny roads with funny names like "clouds rest drive."  by this time the sun was setting, and the views were amazing.  diana slept through the pretty parts, but when she woke up we were already going down the mountain and i got to tell her, "diana, we are inside a cloud right now!"

one thing about san francisco - we didn't have a planned place to stay.  when we were driving around we figured that staying in the city wasn't an option, so we crossed over the golden gate bridge to sausalito, a really cute, quaint little town full of rich retired people who can afford houses with brilliant views of the bay.  it was a little maddening trying to find somewhere to stay and on top of that, sam was super hungry.  and for some reason, six boxes of crackers, a costco-sized box of dried fruit, beef jerky, food for sandwiches, goldfish, and fruit snacks didn't count as food so we needed to find a place that was still open at ten at night and get her something.  we went to this little cafe - taste of rome - that was way cool and if i hadn't been so tired i probably would have been more excited about it at the time.

we ended up parking somewhere and staying the night in sausalito.  sleeping in a car wasn't so fun, but i could tell at night that i liked sausalito and that it would be even better in the morning when we woke up.

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