30 July 2011

day three: we take the long way; the really long way.

sleeping in a small car is not fun, especially when you have longer legs and there's a streetlight in front of your face.  but, waking up in the morning in a cute town to have breakfast in a small park alongside the bay was so good.  it made all of the anxiety from the night before worth it.  really.

we drove back over the bridge to san francisco and stopped to take some pictures near, slash, on the bridge.  i reeeeeeally wanted to take my bike across the bridge, but i felt like it would take too much time and i knew we had a longer day ahead of us.  plus, we also didn't have a planned place to stay this night either, so the sooner we could get into eureka/humboldt, the sooner we could find a better place to stay than our car.  we just settled for pictures of the bridge in a beautiful morning with perfect chilly weather and a great wind blowing through our hair.  ALSO!  when we first got to the bridge, i was shocked at how many well-dressed people there were.  i was really puzzled, but somewhat elated with this new thing: well-dressed american tourists.  AND THEN, i listened to what these people were saying.  i didn't understand what they were saying.  and i realized that these "well-dressed american tourists" were actually europeans.  it figures.

then we went to pier 39, a place i loved visiting when i went with  my family several years ago.  sadly, there were not many seals to be seen, but we enjoyed ourselves on the pier and ate some really delicious food.

and then, we began our drive up to eureka!  the quickest way to get there would have been by the 101, but we really wanted to drive along the coast so we could be next to the ocean as much as we possibly could, so we drove up the 1.  longest.slash.prettiest.drive.ever.  we stopped once along the highway because the view was pretty, and we stopped another time and played at the beach for about twenty minutes.  the water was FREEZING, but it was really pretty and sparkly from the setting sun.  at this beach, we also had an interesting encounter with a pirate-like man who asked us if he could trade us some silver coins for rum.  the look on his face when we told him we didn't drink was hilarious, and now we get to joke about the flabbergasted pirate who couldn't give us his doubloons for alcohol.

nine hours, one speeding ticket (diana), a little carsickness (sam - she ate for lunch what diana and i split), some serious geeking out in the car via singing every word to hsm2 (diana... and me), and one more late night later, we found a place to stay in eureka.  we were all way too happy to be able to sleep on the ground.

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