29 July 2011

day one: the twelve hour drive that didn't feel like twelve hours.

day one was a driving day.  specifically, a twelve hour driving day.  this means we left really early in the morning to get to our destination (big basin redwoods state park) at a decent time.  because i'm a gracious person and i like my friends, i volunteered to drive first shift.  in reality, i'm really selfish, and i wanted to drive through the ugly parts so i could sit in the back and enjoy the pretty parts while someone else worried about driving.

the first forty-five minutes were mildly stressful.  and i really mean highly stressful.  all of my anxiety was channeled into the bike rack on the back of our rented nissan versa (a car i would advise against purchasing).  plans suggested that we needed at least one person to bring a bike on the trip (reason for the boldface necessity to be revealed soon enough), and since my bike is super light, i said i would bring mine.  so sam brought hers, too.  it is not super light.

but stress levels were remedied by an episode of this american life, and then everything was better.  we stopped for lunch at some old mill on the side of the road near bakersfield and diana thoroughly enjoyed her vegetable sandwich.

once we got close to getting to the park, we needed to take bear creek road to get there.  it's a really windy (pronounced with a long "i") but really gorgeous drive, and the immense beauty of the forests was worth every ounce of terror that consumed my body.

sam was driving.

and sometimes, sam likes to pretend she's a racecar driver.  but there are key differences between racecar drivers on a track and sam on bear creek road:  on a track there are no blind turns, and there aren't typically cars driving in the opposite direction.  on bear creek road, there are.

the worst part was that once we were almost done with crazy roads, we discovered a line of cars in front of us, and we were told that a tree had fallen in the road and it was a two hour wait to get past.  so lucky us, sam got to drive back through bear creek road so that we could find a detour and get to the park.  most.terrifying.drive.of.my.life.

but sarcasm aside, we really were kind of lucky.  if there was any area to have a fallen tree to make you turn around and drive back through, this was it (a sentiment similar to this will repeat later).

we made it to the park, got to our campsite, set up hammocks and a tent, secured our bikes to the picnic table, and enjoyed ourselves for the first evening, marvelling at how it didn't feel like we had driven over twelve hours that day.

which is good, because we'd get sick of driving on the trip soon enough.


  1. yeah.. i can relate. ive been in the car where the driver was eating cereal and applying makeup all while shifting gears. oh and that driver was samantha. it's a gift she's been given i think..supernatural driving powers

  2. bahahaha! i've definitely witnessed the cereal thing, and also a chips and guacamole one, too. crazy girl!