30 July 2011

day four: wonderful drive, terrible campsite.

day four was a simple day.  all we had to do was drive up the coast into oregon, drop off diana in florence so she could be with her wonderful, and then drive back down to horsfall lake where sam and i were going to camp.  we stopped by chance at this pretty place, cleawox lake, and we also stopped for a little at some lookout on the side of the road.  it was cloudy, but still pretty.

the day was going well until we got to camp.  the mosquitoes were out.of.control. and i definitely got eaten alive.  the bad part was that the weather was nice, so we wanted to be outside.  so we basically put on a million layers of clothes and tried to cover every inch of our bodies so that no skin was showing.

and in turn, we looked like hobosslashbandits.

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  1. yall look more like well dressed american torists to me