30 July 2011

day five: into beaver territory... and maybe enjoying it.

this day started off perfectly.  sam and i slept in because we didn't need to get to corvallis right away, and we had breakfast on the beach.  the sand dune sand was soooo white, and the field behind the beach was perfectly picturesque when the breeze blew through the tall grass.

from here, sam and i made our way to corvallis to meet up with diana, kevin and his family.  they were incredibly nice to us and really great hosts.  i was really jealous of oregon state students for a while because they had such a great college town; way better than tempe.  for dinner we ate at this awesome place called local boyz hawaiian cafe, and the food was amazing.  there was also a really cool wall hanging, slash, tapestry on the wall called a hawaiian kapa.  i couldn't stop looking at it.

what i saw of corvallis was great.  the town is really nice, and i imagine the students absolutely love it there. but all of us were excited for portland the next day - me just to visit there finally, and sam and diana to see if i'd meet my hipster husband and start building up plans to stay there forever.

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