13 July 2011

all-star events in review.

if you grouped together the phrases i repeated the most on monday and tuesday, these would be them:

i'm sorry, we no longer have the all-star shot glasses.  credit or debit?  the only pens we have are dbacks pens.  everything that is out on the floor is what we have.  the official all-star game balls are thirty dollars.  i'm sorry, we no longer have the all-star shot glasses.  roy halladay!  we do not have any robinson cano shirts or jerseys.  yes, i know he won the home-run derby.  i'm sorry, we no longer have the all-star shot glasses.  our normal discounts do not apply during the all-star events.  your personalized jersey will be available for pick up after the game.  i'm sorry, we no longer have the all-star shot glasses.

working at the team shop during the home run derby and the all-star game was out of control.  there were a ton of people and on tuesday especially, we didn't stop once we opened the store.  it's kind of all one big blur, but if you're interested, here are some points of interest:

1. at one point there was a man and his son at my register, and they were looking behind the counter for any other things they might want.  the son pointed to something he wanted, and when the dad suggested they pass it up, the kid had the saddest, most dejected look on his face ever.  and then his dad changed his mind.  subsequently, the boy changed his face.

2. on tuesday, a man came to my register and gave me his items he wanted to buy.  when i saw him i knew he was famous, and i got really nervous.  but i couldn't for the life of me place who he was.  he was asking me questions and wanted to see a t-shirt that was in a display, and the entire time i was trying to think of his name.  it wasn't until after he left and i talked to a cashier later that i realized the man was shepard smith from fox news.  in my defense, i don't have that channel on my television and haven't watched the news in almost a year.

3. the most annoying thing was having to deal with the jeter and rodriguez merchandise that wasn't selling because they backed out of the all-star events at the last minute.  they took up space on the floor and i had to hear disgruntled yankees fans mutter to themselves when they passed them in the store.  "un-disgruntled" yankees fans are bad enough.

4.  the best thing i heard was tuesday night after the game was over and there were a million people in the store.  a customer picked up his purchase, and before he left he told us that we had been doing a great job the entire time and that he appreciated us.  i'm not a person who needs or likes a lot of praise, but i wanted to give that guy a free ball or something.

5.  one of the items that we were offering for sale was a gold baseball.  those babies were selling for a little over three hundred dollars, and i really wanted a customer to buy one and come to my register so i could hold it for a second, but i wasn't lucky.  the cashier next to me was very lucky; he sold four of the gold baseballs.  to one person.

and hands down, the best part of the two days came on tuesday as they were announcing all of the players for the national and american league teams.  we were able to see some of it on the television screens in the store, but we couldn't hear it very well.

and then, justin upton was introduced by the announcer.  the cheers from the crowd were so incredibly loud that we didn't need the television, they were coming through the doors of the store.

justin upton does not get attention like that during regular baseball games.  i've been to a handful, and i've never witnessed a response like that from dbacks fans ever.  i can't imagine how upton felt at that moment, it must have been super overwhelming and awesome for him.  for a little while i could think, yeah arizona fans, they rock! and all of the loud fans from new york, boston, and los angeles were silenced.

all in all, it was an amazing experience.  i'm going to remember this for a really long time, and it's cool that while i do, more than fifty-thousand others will remember it too - just from a different perspective.

postscript!  so for my uniform, i got these super nice nike golf shirts to wear with the all-star patch on them and everything.  my black one is awesome, but my red one is too big for me, and i probably won't ever wear it again.  so!  if you or someone you know fits a men's size medium really well, you can have this shirt for free because i'm a nice person (slash, i'm slightly suspicious that i'd be fired if anyone at work found out):

in case you're interested, the closest thing we had to sell that was like this shirt was really expensive.  i'm not going to give out a specific price because i like my job, but it was somewhere between a normal all-star game baseball and a gold all-star game baseball (both prices of which were mentioned earlier).

seriously, let me know.  otherwise it's just going to hang out in my closet until i donate it to the thrift store.  if you don't live in az and you want it, don't worry about it, i'm sure we can work something out!!  :)

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  1. Betcha dad can fit in it! Fun reading!