13 June 2011

yeah monday morning!

it's only midday and today already rocks.  i only worked a half shift today because i had a PT job interview downtown at noon.  and i got the job!  it's sort of a step backwards, it's another cashiering job.  but i seriously feel like this is going to be a super fun job.  i get to work at chase field and sell stuff to rich people who can afford to unload ridiculous amounts of money on various dbacks paraphernalia.  but the best part about working at chase field is the dbacks fans.

basically, of all of phoenix/arizona's pro sports, dbacks have the cheapest tickets.  therefore, baseball games are an easy family activity.  there are tons of kids and old people everywhere at the stadium, which means nice people.  i love my phillies (see header pic #3), but i'd rather die than work a customer service job at citizens bank park.

ALSO, the 2011 mlb all star game is in phoenix next month, which means that all of the best players in the league are going to be there (and also all of the rich people in the country).  i'll get to work there for those events and it's going to be really exciting.  hopefully the national league beats the american league again this year!  one win every thirteen years is not enough.

lastly, the organization that i'll be working for also has a setup across the street at the us airways center.  so, if i can step it up and be awesome, i could get to work when the suns are in season, too.

so, my bad for slamming cashiering jobs, i guess.  it probably just depends on where your cash register is and who you're selling merchandise to.  i'll take kids and rich old people over crazies and decaying old people any day.

last thought.  every single dbacks game i've gone to, they've won.  even when i didn't want them to win (i've been to 2 dbacks-phillies games).  i'm quite content with making this a habit, and if arizona makes it to postseason this year, i'm almost completely confident with taking all the credit for that.

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