24 June 2011

this moment, right now, is weird. and i'll tell you why.

1.  i'm eating salad.  the strange part here is that i was craving it.  generally, i try to avoid eating salad.  i don't like the taste of salad dressing (which is basically what salad ends up tasting like), and i'm a firm believer that people are ugliest when they are eating salad.  i  get my vegetables other ways, i don't believe salad needs to be a part of my diet.

2.  there's stuff in this house that doesn't belong to me or to kylie!  my new roommate moved some of her things in today, and tomorrow she moves the rest in.  tonight is officially my last night sleeping in this place by myself.  it's kind of sad, but i keep telling myself this is going to be a good thing.  i've definitely gotten really spoiled and selfish in the last ten months of living here by myself.  plus, taylor is a great person, and i think she's going to fall under the "better roommates" category for sure.

3.  my room is cleaner than it was when i first moved in here.  i realized earlier this week that i'm probably going to be spending more time in my room now that someone else lives here since i can't just take up whatever space i want, and i need to make my room a place that i want to be.  so now it's clean, and my mother would be floored if she walked in right now.  my closet, not so much.

4.  i hate words right now.  specifically, the ones that i'm looking for but can't seem to find.  writing is hard.

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