09 June 2011

there's a magnet for that.

some new things!

1. so the shoes are old, but they were significantly more sad looking.  so i gave them a green-ish patch and some purple-pink frankenstein-like patches.  these are going to last forever, i'm going to make it happen.  my goal is for them to make it to graduation next spring, then they'll have survived eight semesters of skool with me.  yeeeeeah, sentimentality.

2. tomatoes!!  i have yet to figure out what i'm going to do with them, but i got some!  sadly, i think these three are the only ones i'm going to get.  tragically, my plants are dying right now, and all of my efforts to save them don't seem to be working.  i think it was a bad idea to name the plants and to suggest that if i could grow them well it meant i'd be able to raise kids.  not only did i become weirdly attached to tom and cherry, apparently i did a horrible mom job on them.  boo.

3. this is a pencil sharpener.  on the first floor of the library, we had to move books and take down shelves for renovations at work, and my co-worker found this and gave it to me!  i was telling her a few weeks ago how much i love these things and how it's sad that nobody ever uses them anymore.  then i predicted that eventually urban outfitters will sell these in their apartment department, slap the word vintage onto it and sell it for fifty dollars.  beating the hipsters to the punch, aww yeah!

4. magnets!  i've been complaining about not having any for my fridge for a long time, and now i finally have some!  now my pictures won't fall off and curl all over the place.  tape is not helpful in the pictures-on-fridge aspect.

it's almost the weekend, thank goodness.  a full week of work after a three-day-weekend-three-day-workweek-three-day-weekend run is rough.  also, waking up at five in the morning every day is the worst thing ever.  although i can barely remember it, i know there was a time when breaks from school meant sleeping in until someone put a dog in your bed to wake you up.

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