28 June 2011

show me that there's more in the meantime

it was slightly humid this morning when i left for work, and then when i was driving i saw it - cloud spit on my windshield.  the monsoons are coming!

rain is an interesting thing here.  if it rains enough, it pretty much always accumulates in very inconvenient places and mini floods pop up everywhere.  in pa, i remember that after hurricanes or really big storms my family would wait until the rains left, pile into the car and drive around and look at all of the damage done. we literally would point and marvel at flooded homes and cars filled with water.  it's like when you're watching football and you see a defender from your team completely crush a receiver on the opposing team.  there's that initial "OOOOHHHHH!" and maybe you even laugh a little and beg for an instant replay.  then once you realize that the receiver just broke his body and is out for the rest of the season, you feel kind of bad.

it's kind of the same thing with rain here in az.  at first i think, YEAH RAIN!  and then i see how disgustingly dirty and ugly it gets wherever you go, and i see the sad trees that get completely thrashed by winds.  then i get over it.

but my favorite part comes after the rains are gone and the sun breaks through the clouds.  sometimes, it's the most breathtaking part of my days - seeing the clouds and the sun come together to make such pretty skies.

since it was a little cloudy today i got a glimpse of it tonight when i was driving to the temple, and when it was combined with the colors from the sunset, it was absolutely perfect.  the good things always come after the monsoons, and i love that nature proves that.  :)

...and if the moon
can turn the tides it can pull the tears
and take them from our eyes
and make them into monsoons

and turn them into mon-
sooner or later they'll weave their way back to the sea
gonna finally be free
free for a while
until they break
like waves of sorrow
always do, all into time
because time never waits

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