01 June 2011

return to normalcy (almost).

it could be just because i'm a dork and/or like to torture myself, but i really wish i was taking summer classes right now.  after being a student for 15+ years school is a comforting constant at this point, and not being in school or thinking about life after school is kind of a terrible state (of mind) to be in.  at the same time, i always say that i love days where i don't have any pressing responsibilities to school or work and get to just stay home and be all domestic-like, but i bet if that's what i got to do every day i'd probably hate it.  conclusion, i'm fickle and can never be satisfied - either i want to be a full-time student, or i want to be a full-time homebody.

after work today i came to institute and now i'm just staying here until class starts.  it's probably a problem that i got so much satisfaction out of setting out my things in the quiet study room just like normal, but i couldn't help it.  even the illusion of being in school is comforting.  because of this, i think wednesdays over the next few weeks are going to be great, even if i have to be on campus for 12+ hours.

there's one issue i have with the quiet study room: there's a plaque on the wall of books that's grammatically incorrect and it bugs me every time i see it.  the worst part is that i see the mistake all the time at the library, too.

there's a difference between "reshelve" and "reshelf."  one is a verb, the other is a noun.  those two parts of speech are not interchangeable.  i also suspect that neither of them are actually words, but that's an argument for another day.

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