17 June 2011

out of my comfort zone.

there are some things in this life i do not like because they make me feel uncomfortable.  and by uncomfortable i mean, they make me feel anxious, annoyed, confused, flustered, etc.  basically, "uncomfortable" in this blog post means "any emotion but happy."

1. diagonal parking spaces.  uncomfortable = incompetent.
2. red battery life symbol on ipod with four hours left of work.  uncomfortable = panicked.
3. no pita bread at any grocery store i went to this week.  uncomfortable = annoyed.
4. having to buy tomatoes at grocery store.  uncomfortable = depressed (times a thousand).
5. passed up buying ocarina of time at bookmans.  uncomfortable = sadsadsad.

i think sometime in the next week i need to make a karma post that lists things that make me feel "comfortable" to negate the complain-iness of this post.

lastly, today's shift at work was brought to you by the letter M!  as in, mute math.  i listened to them pretty much all day, and you should, too.  if you don't know where to start, do it here:  this video will blow your mind.

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