04 June 2011

new old things.

since i've kind of gotten sick of baking lately, i decided that tonight's edition of cooking-instead-of-sleeping needed to involve lemon chicken and rice.

when i cook and/or bake i almost always listen to music, and since i've just about exhausted all of my regular playlists at work, i played something i haven't listened to in FOREVER but still managed to survive all of my music purges.  AAR's move along album was one of my favorites in high school and it's still good this very second.

i love rediscovering old favorite things and the nostalgia associated with each of them.  old favorite bands/albums, places you used to always visit as a kid, people you used to spend time with, books you loved reading - all of that is good to re-experience, and the best is when the feelings and attitudes towards those people/places/things are just as strong as they were when they were first encountered.

nostalgia is an interesting thing, and i don't think it's limited to reminiscing on things that have already happened.  thinking about the future and what's going to happen next is just an offshoot of nostalgia.  people get lost in the dreams of their futures just like others do in the dreams of their pasts, and getting lost in anything could always end up being a bad thing.  i think that's one of the reasons i like the idea of spontaneity so much - it can't involve planning ahead or smart decisions based on past decisions.  living in now and devoting all of your energies to it takes bravery and complete confidence.

anyway, the last track's over, and my stomach's full.  time to make myself tired.

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