05 June 2011

it could make us grow and become what we'll be.

my life is great, and sometimes i get upset with myself that occasionally i have to be reminded of that fact.

last night one of my friends asked me to tell her of a time where my parents learned of something dumb that i did and responded with a really?  did you actually just do that?  what were you thinking?

and today i asked myself those same questions.  i was kind of in a bummy mood, and when i thought of why that was so i realized it all boiled down to the fact that i was being a baby because something wasn't going my way.  in spite of all the great things about my life - my family, my friends, the opportunities i have every day - i chose to dwell on that one dumb thing.  and so i asked myself, really?  are you really letting this overtake your life?  what are you thinking?

i'm glad for prayers and that they can take upsetting thoughts and concerns away.  i'm glad that i'm privileged to be surrounded by good people on a daily basis who help keep me in check.  and even though i think they're terrible at the time, i'm glad for my trials - that they're custom-fit to me and made to help me overcome the weaknesses that cripple me the most.

the simple things are the best, and they remind us of what's great about life.

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