29 June 2011

i used to ask santa for pens and paper, and it was perfectly acceptable.

one of my favorite bands is steel train, and if you go to their website NOW and you can download their latest album (which is awesome) for free (if you have fbook)!  yeeeeeeeeah awesome free music!

on that album is this song called children of the 90's.  i was a child in the 90's and in almost every sense of the idea.  even though the song doesn't necessarily remind me of being a kid, when i heard it today i was thinking of all things from my childhood that, at the time, were a really big deal.


jelly shoes
tattoo-like chokers
beanie babies
caller id
slap bracelets
furbies (slash, the freakiest things ever invented)
lisa frank
gel pens
rainbow colored iMac G3s
et cetera.

i'm not incredibly familiar with toys and what's popular for kids to play with now, but i have a hard time believing that kids today are as easily entertained as i was when i was their age.  i mean really, rainbow-decorated stationery products and gel pens?  try giving some kid that today and they'll throw it back in your face, tell you it's completely outdated and ask for a laptop.

it's both sad and true.  sometimes i consciously make the decision to use a pen and lined paper just because i feel bad for them.  like they have souls or something.

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  1. this is amazing. i loved all of these things. slap bracelets!! i completely forgot them. they were fantastic.