12 June 2011

driving in oblivion.

so the other day i got to see one of my friends whom i haven't seen in FOREVER because she moved back home at the beginning of the year.  but now she's married and she's back in az and she came to visit earlier in the week.  even though it was only for a few hours, hanging out with allison again reminded me of all the crazy things that we did to each other for fun.  specifically, the crazy things that allison and sam do to me for fun.

i'm not particularly in the habit of throwing things at people, and i definitely don't throw things at people who are driving cars.  allison and sam (and jon) do maintain this habit, and they think that the best way to get my attention while driving is by throwing things (water bottle caps, rocks, money) at my car windows.  sam really outdid herself this week - one rock she threw at me actually made it into my car.

fact: when i'm driving, i'm not exactly cognizant of what's going on one the road unless it is in front of me. i'm generally pretty focused when i drive because i don't want to get in an accident, simple as that.  in pa this was important, especially because there was always the possibility of a stupid deer coming out of nowhere (hence, completely rational fear of deer).  i've almost been driving in az for a year now, but driving tendencies don't exactly switch well between pa and az.  in az, the roads are wider and have way more lanes, the cameras try to ruin my life, the driver in front of me doesn't make right turns at red lights, and for the most part, drivers know what to do with bikers on the road here.

also, people throw things at each other.  it's like mario kart in real life.

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