11 June 2011

adult kid self vs. actual kid self

holy saturday, i'm tired.  this morning i went with some of my friends to the might mud mania event in scottsdale to volunteer.  working with kids all morning in giant mudpits was super fun-slash-exhausting-slash-dirty-slash-painful.  i'm probably going to blow sand and dirt from my nose and still find it in my hair for the next week, and i've got some pretty great scrapes and rashes from sand rubbing my legs raw all day.

but all that is easily overshadowed by the awesome time i had and all of the kids that i got to work with today.  in the beginning i worked in the first mudpit that the kids swing into from a rope.  i felt sad because some of the little kids were too scared to make that first jump because they didn't trust that i would catch them and not let them drown in mud.  on the flip side, seeing the faces of those braver kids after they took that leap of faith, realized it all worked out, and happily clutched onto me for dear life was the best.

i remember at one point telling someone, i wish there was something like this where i lived when i was a kid.  but then i realized that my actual kid self would have hated a mud obstacle course.  i don't know exactly if i was afraid of / vehemently opposed to being dirty.  but i know that during summers when i was little i hated sprinklers and plastic pools because i could not stand the feeling of the pieces of grass on my feet.  it doesn't bother me so much now, and at the end of the event when the volunteers were allowed to run the course after all of the kids were gone i was pretty psyched to do it.  sometimes the possibility baffles me that i'm so different now than i was when i was a kid.

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