24 May 2011

what the end of the world meant for me.

so i've been thinking about this word lately, and it's a word that i've heard quite a bit in the last week or so. some people have used the word and have associated all sorts of meaning with it, and others have used it because everyone else has and now they're just learning that such a word exists.  i don't use this word.  because i hate it.

this word is rapture.

it's not the idea of the word i hate, and it's not really that i feel some people are trying to sound smart or relevant when they are using it.

i hate this word because of how it sounds.  it is one of the most ugly-sounding words i have ever heard in my life.

and i don't know why!  i don't enjoy disliking things, much less hating them, and i have no idea why this word bothers me when i hear it but the word capture doesn't.  in fact, i think capture is a beautiful sounding word.

i wonder if people can be so strongly averse to sounds as they can with other things, like smells.  and i'm not talking about things i want or do not want to smell, but more how people can get nauseous from certain smells.  is it normal that simple words can cause some serious emotional shifts within a person?

probably not, i guess i'm just weird.  why can't i just hate things normal people hate?  also, i guess i'm going to be hearing this word a lot again in october.  a cure for my hatred of the word in the meantime would be great.  thanks.

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