13 May 2011

six semesters later, here we are.

so about a month ago i was faced with the sad truth that my blog disappeared.  i was kind of shocked at myself for getting upset about it at first because it was weird to me that i'd become so attached to a thing, much less an intangible thing.  anyway, school got super busy and then i started really working on my other blog for my english class and i never got around to starting again.  but here we go again, take three.

every time i reach some sort of endpoint i always find myself thinking.  like, when i end one year i think about that year, how i changed and (hopefully) progressed, and what i can do better for the next year.  this also happens on annual events (birthday) or semi-annual events (general conference).  i think a lot.

so this semester is over and i've been reviewing the past few months of my life pretty heavily lately - where i was in the beginning and where i am now.  sometimes i surprise myself at how okay i realize i am after roller coasters and times of uncertainty and even after really good moments.  and i'm not trying to brag or talk myself up or anything, but i'm really pleased with my general mindset and how it affects the way i think.  it saves me a lot of grief and time, keeps my head level, and makes life seem as good as it actually is.  maybe i'm taking the easy way out because keeping in mind the big picture makes life so much easier.  but until i find some strong objection to thinking this way, i'm probably just going to call this the exception to the rule.

so here's to starting off summer in an excellent way!  and hopefully your morning started better than mine did today.  i'm pretty sure someone at the milk-packaging factory (or whatever) thought he was really funny when he decided to superglue the screw-cap lids on the bottles, but i didn't really think so.  mine wouldn't twist off this morning!  :(

luckily i've got three years of college education to help me solve exactly these kinds of problems.  happy friday the 13th!

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