28 May 2011

samedis sont les meilleurs.

i was going to spend the day reading, but in the morning i decided to watch the le match de futbol instead and then it was downhill from there.  it's gradually become easier for me to watch the sport on television, and today's game was pretty exciting (but it would have been better if mahn-ches-tah united hadn't been so terrible second half).  watching it made me think of these two radio show episodes.  This one, from Radiolab, that talks about the game and why it's takes real character to aspire to be a goalie, and this one, from Freakonomics, that talks more about football and less about futbol, but it's from this episode i made the decision to call barcelona "team unicef" instead.

saturdays are officially my favorite days (also, three-day weekend days).  work is monotonous enough by friday that i look forward to washing... everything.  my floors, clothes, dishes, the rooms, car, and myself - they are all clean and it's the second-best "clean" feeling ever (the first-best is being clean and getting into a clean bed).

finally, i made a book today out of a cheerios box and construction paper.  yeeeeeah, self sufficiency!

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