20 May 2011

my first foray into crime dramas! :O

tonight's story gets a visual aid!!

this is a map of my neighborhood (i call it a sideways hourglass).  and here is the color legend for this story:

red circle = mailbox
orange star = where i live!
yellow flower = playing children
green stuff = police sighting
blue dot = possible bad guy hideout??
purple line = bike route
white scribbles = crossed out name of my neighbor who apparently runs a business at home and has it marked on google maps

okay, so i took my cruiser out for a ride to my mailbox because i was too lazy to walk and i just wanted to ride my old bike for once.  i rode and rode (purple line), and i passed two cute little boys (yellow flower) playing in the puddles that formed next to the freshly-sprinkled sidewalks.  AND THEN, i turned the corner and saw three police cars.  there were a bunch of people standing around in a cluster by the cars (green circle), and then i saw one policeman off to the side.  he had a fancy gun with a light attached to it and the light was pointing in the direction of a house (blue dot).  and then the policeman said, "mesa police, come out and put your hands up!"

then i passed a fourth police car that pulled up, got my mail (red circle), turned around, passed the police again, passed the boys again, and pedaled home.  before i got to my house (orange star!), i saw a policewoman outside the pool area, which is off to the side of my house (thick green curved line).  i imagine that she was scoping out the area (she probably took the path marked by the thin green line), but for what i have no idea.

at the time when i rode past the police i remember thinking, "oh look, the police are here."  and when that one police guy started shouting with his warning i thought, "huh, that's just like they say in the movies."  when i got inside my house, i sat down on my couch for a few minutes before thinking i should probably lock my doors.

am i slow to react?  is there something wrong with me?  what if a killer comes to my door and asks if he can hold me hostage?  will i just say yes! and invite him inside for a cold beverage and a seat on my couch?

maybe.  i mean, could you imagine what kind of story that would produce?  it could be awesome.

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