14 May 2011

lies lies lies!

when i got home last night i was really tired, which i don't really understand because i didn't do anything particularly exhaustive earlier in the day.  i was all ready to go to bed so i could get up early for work this morning.  and then when i was on the library website looking up books, i double-checked when it opened and realized it doesn't on saturdays for the summer.

and just like that, i was wide awake and couldn't sleep.  so naturally, i decided that the best way to spend my time at ten thirty at night was to use it making cookies.  not from scratch, sadly.  i used a mix that has been sitting in my pantry for months now.

the first thing i saw on the bag was the over 300 chips inside, and i was so not-tired that i contemplated counting them just to make myself sleepy.

the second thing i saw was at the bottom, that little statement that the bag makes 36 two-inch cookies.  well.

my cookies were about three inches in diameter.  there were sixteen of them.  which means, if i had made them all two inches like the bag suggested, i would only have had 24 cookies.

betty crocker lies about how much her cookie mixes yield, and i bet she lies about how many chocolate chips are in the bag.  i wonder if the cookies are even chocolate chip.  or if i'm even eating cookies right now.


  1. You did your math a little wrong. :p The area of a circle goes by the radius squared, so the total area of cookies you made is equal to the area made by 36 two inch cookies. Good thing you're superb at writing!