19 May 2011

library lovin'

i'm not even through the first full week of work and i'm already dying.  i feel like my feet are constantly pulsating - i don't think it's healthy to have a heartbeat in your feet.  i also had a massively painful headache after work on tuesday, and i have a sneaking suspicion it was from inhaling an ungodly amount of book dirt.  this job will kill me by the end of summer if i'm forced to stick with it.  an unfortunate possibility, for many reasons.

on a semi-related note, i'm a big geek and really love libraries - they are magical buildings with secrets.  when i go to new places i always want to visit the library there.  to this day, the disney princess i am most jealous of is belle because of the fantastically huge library she gets in the castle.  i don't necessarily want a big library of my own one day, but i want one that's easily accessible whenever i want - one that has endless rows of stacks and hiding places.

i have a favorite library, and it's the burton barr central library in downtown phoenix.  it is such an amazing building, and i love going there!  one of the reasons i'm excited to be here this summer is because the burton barr library is the place to be on the summer solstice.  the architecture of the burton barr library is such that on the solstice the library has this really awesome light show and the great reading room on the fifth floor completely fills up with sunlight.  since i'm a sucker for libraries and light(-type things), it's pretty much going to be one of the best days ever.


postscript... YEAH james harden!!  A!S!U!beard!beard!beard!

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