22 May 2011

it's gonna be a stunner.

one thing that i appreciate about having to work a semi-miserable job for forty hours a week is that i'm reminded of how much i love free days.  yesterday was the first saturday i've had off in months, and it was so nice to be able to stay at home to clean, read, and do whatever i wanted.

i feel like i've been bagging on my job a lot lately, and the truth is i like my job.  it's fairly laidback, it's in a library, i get to listen to my music the entire time, and it's a convenient job to have (moreso when school's in session).  it's just my boss who's a pain, and i hate that he treats my co-workers and me like five year-olds.

we try to make our job as fun as possible, and this last week especially we attempted this because we had a really tedious task that we needed to finish by friday (normally it would take weeks to finish).  we played our music in the stacks instead of wearing headphones, and every hour we stopped for a few minutes and took a dancing break.  it was our stupid way of "ha-ha"ing our useless supervisor, and every time we busted it out between the shelves i kept thinking,

come on out and dance
if you get the chance
we're gonna spit on the rivals.

i would never spit on my boss, but occasionally the sentiment fits.

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