18 May 2011

i'm dirty! :(

so i'm kind of an arizonan in that i freak out whenever it rains here.  not freak out like, "oh no it's raining, what am i supposed to do in all this wet?"  but more like, "YES!  RAIN!"

when i left work today i walked up the concrete stairs outside hayden in the rain and i was really excited.  but as i made my way to the bike racks that excitement turned into slight dread.  my bike, the one i take when i go to school, does not have fenders.  i was wearing a white t-shirt today.  also, i travel a lot faster on this bike than on my cruiser, and since my eyes don't have windshield wipers, visibility was pretty terrible while riding.

when i got to the light rail stop and looked down at myself, i saw a pretty little splatter painting on the front of my t-shirt and smaller one on the back of my t-shirt.  my attempts to describe it wouldn't really do the artwork much justice, but just take my word for it and assume the fact that i could have been hanging in a museum.

so, for the first time since i came to arizona, i complained about the rain.  here's why:

1. it didn't rain for much long and i didn't have to ride home in the rain from the mesa station, but my bike still got super dirty.  my wheel set is white and now it's speckled with dried black water.  i should have asked for a black wheel set instead.
2. i never realized how bad dobson smells when it's wet.  i mean, it smells pretty gross on its own, but a wet dobson is awful.
3. i was going to do laundry after work today, but i can't hang clothes outside while it's raining (since i started writing this, it began to rain again).
4. it reminded me of how much i love the weather here when it's winter time and made me wish i could magically switch summer arizona weather with winter arizona weather.
5. i watered my tomato plants this morning, what if they drown now?!?

since i started writing this, i've pretty much gotten over these things.  it's probably the soothing sounds of the rain that's making me feel better.  rain is nature's white noise machine.

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