15 May 2011

hippies in aprons

so this morning i was going to go "old-school-kristin" and wear a scarf to church like i used to.  but then my hair was outta control poofy up top, and i decided to to a headscarf-headband thing instead of a neck scarf so i could tie my hair down.  so i walked out of my house feeling like a total hippie and walked into church fairly quickly so that no one could stop me and say something.  it's not like people would tell me i looked ridiculous.  it's church.  people are nice there.  but it's like when guys tell girls that they like the boots they're wearing - they really don't.  but girls wear them anyway.

anyway, there were a few compliments, but then there was a comment from my bishop who told me i looked like i was channeling karate kid.  i told him next week i'd show up with a rope around my head instead of a scarf.  but really, i'll just wear a ponytail.

happy sunday!  hopefully it lasts long, tomorrow starts the worst summer for work EVER.  thankfully, this week's episode of this american life just downloaded - #435: How To Create a Job.

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