29 May 2011

the awkwardness of our hands vs. the slow tongues.

i was definitely about to write "sundays are the best!" but then it occurred to me that i kind of already said that about saturdays, soooo... how about, "weekends are the best!"?

anyway, i've been thinking today about some scriptures in ether 12, the verses (23-25) when moroni discusses his fears of writing.  he talks about how he's afraid that his manner of writing is too weak and that his writings will not be adequate enough and will be made fun of (what a terrible sentence).  i remember when we discussed this in my institute class last year.  my teacher, brother calton, asked which of us were like moroni, and which of us were more like moses or enoch - who have more trouble speaking than writing.

obviously, i feel that i am a stronger writer than i am a speaker.  i love writing; it's something that i do everyday in some manner.  i've told people the importance i give to writing in terms of journaling and what a blessing it is in my life and can be for everyone who does it.  and i talk to people, not just about my writing, but about writing in general - where i get my ideas from when i'm writing fiction, how i start writing, all that kind of stuff.  and then i realized today while i was briefly discussing writing habits with someone that i absolutely love talking about writing.  i don't know why, but i feel really comfortable whenever i discuss this topic with others.  it just comes naturally, and the conversations are super easy.

i decided that for our ward's talent show this saturday i'm going to do a reading.  if i'm going to be honest with myself, i'll say that i'm really not looking forward to it at all.  but like ether 12:27 says, weaknesses are meant to become strengths, and that will only happen through practice.  i know that speaking to people (not just about writing) is something that i'm really going to have to build up to become a strength in my life, and now is the time to start practicing.

and how do i start doing that?  well, i can tell you i didn't start by enrolling in a public speaking class.

no, i enrolled in a chinese 101 class instead.

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